Dreamy Home Ideas

There are some interiors that push the envelope. Some that go beyond the typical homes you see while idly spending time on Pinterest. And this home by interior designer Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25, definitely pushes the envelope in some truly exciting ways. Fenimore, who is based in Dallas, is recognized as one of the city’s top designers. So, it is no surprise that she is the designer behind this?Dallas dream home where color, pattern, and a sophisticated mix of the two truly shines.

No stone was left unturned in the design of this two-bedroom home. Stepping into each room, you can see that Fenimore thought about each and every detail that would contribute to her bold vision for the interior. In the home’s guest bedroom, Kelly Wearstler’s Channels Wallpaper makes quite an impression. The backdrop creates a striking statement wall, where Wearstler’s edgy brush strokes are featured.

To keep things cozy in the guest bedroom, a reading nook was designed. For seating, Fenimore went with custom upholstery. An oversized?foliage print is extremely modern and the shade

Farmhouse Style Ideas

Farmhouse style is hotter than it’s ever been. With a nod to the past, but one foot firmly in the present, farmhouse style is one that speaks to all kinds of people. And despite it having certain common characteristics, it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of look. Check out these wildly different examples of farmhouse style living rooms.

While farmhouse style is often equated with the word ‘rustic’, this room by Jennifer Robbins Interiors proves that it doesn’t have to be the case. Comfortable furnishings, country-style light fixtures, and vertical shiplap give this open concept space a farmhouse feel without any overly rustic details.

Farmhouse style is very adaptable and can be combined easily with many other styles. In this farmhouse living room by Judith Balis Interiors there’s a strong connection to both traditional and transitional styles thanks to the Persian rug and modern sofas.

Farmhouse style has its roots in old country homes and stone cottages. This room by Kelly and Co. Design embraces all the old attributes?such as exposed stone walls and wood ceilings?and brings them into present day with clean lined furniture and

Barstools for Every Style

After your living room sofa, the most used seat in your home is probably…the barstool.

While barstools are small, they make a big impact on your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.?Making sure you have the right barstools to fit the design of your kitchen is no easy feat. Attention to style, function and design are key to selecting the perfect barstools for your home. See what we have in store:

With it’s sleek architectural curves, high back and walnut tones,?the?Bremerton 26″ Bar Stool is a slam dunk for mid-century lovers. Take a notes from Studio Mcgeeand fit as many as you can around your kitchen counter.?To add some pizazz, pair your barstools with these beautiful,?abstract dinner plates?from West Elm, for a bar area your guests will never want to leave!

Just like it’s?name, the?Blu Dot Real Good Stool?can add?real good style to your kitchen. The straight folds in this origami-inspired seat give?it a geometric look that is excellent for a sleek and modern design aesthetic.?Since this all-metal stool can get chilly in the winter, add a layer of coziness by

What Protective Gear Does a Tree Surgeon Wear?

Tree surgeons prune old or damaged trees, helping to keep them alive and healthy, but this type of job can be risky, involving tasks at height, heavy load lifting and using dangerous equipment. What protective gear is available to a tree surgeon? Here’s what to wear and when to wear it.

Protecting the Head and Face

Tree surgeons need to consider protecting their heads: the face, ears, head and eyes from wood chips and the impact of the chainsaw if a kickback takes place. Tree surgeons must also wear a hard hat, visor and / or protective eye and ear protection.

Hard hats

All tree surgeons need to invest in a protective hard hat. Specially made hard hats for tree surgeons protect the face, ears and head with attached visor and ear defenders too. If you need the services of a Bournemouth Tree Surgeon, visit a site like kieranboylandtreeservices.com

Face and Eye Protection

Many tree surgeons prefer to wear a mesh visor attached to their helmets. Both mesh and polycarbonate visor protect against twigs and wood chips penetrating eyes.

Ear defenders

A lot of hard hats come with attached

Why Do Some Buyers Take the Risk of Not Having a Survey?

There are many reasons why homebuyers may decide not to have a survey done on their new home, but the consequences can be expensive and stressful.

One of the many reasons buyers don’t have a survey done is the cost. Buying a new home comes with a lot of additional costs on top of the property itself, and so buyers mistakenly think this is a good way of saving a bit of money. Others believe that because the mortgage lender has already carried out a valuation, that this is sufficient. However, a valuation does not take into account the cost of any building repairs that need doing.

Image Credit:?https://www.unbiased.co.uk/life/homes-property/property-surveys

Even those who do opt for a survey often select the cheapest option, which only looks at certain aspects of the building so may potentially miss something crucial.

In Scotland, sellers have to pay for a ‘home report’ when wanting to sell their home, and there is a push to get a similar system introduced in the rest of the UK. Included in the report is an energy report, a property questionnaire and an assessment on the home’s condition and

Soundproof Materials Have Had Design Advice from Spiders

There is no doubt that there is an increased interest in choosing tensile architecture as a credible alternative to traditional methods. Now there is an exciting new development in the exploration of sound-proof materials that will have a positive bearing on the evolution of tensile architecture.

Image Credit:


Inspiration from the Web

A combined team of researchers from Italy, France and the UK has been inspired by the intriguing web of the golden silk orb-weaver, or Nephila, spider. As a result, they have designed an acoustic meta-material – a material of repeating structures – that will have a positive impact on the design of tensile and other structures.

The researchers concluded that the natural architecture of the spider’s web had acoustic properties that allow low-frequency sound to be absorbed. In addition to the circumferential nature of the web and its low weight, the natural flexibility of spider’s silk can reduce and absorb the more destructive features of sound.

Who knows maybe this will be used in the structure of windows in the future all though if you get a Double Glazing Evesham company in to install your double

How to Make a Rented Office Space Your Own

Many business owners startups and freelancers are finding that renting an office space is a far more economical choice. Working from home has its limitations, so small businesses can find it far more productive to move out of the spare bedroom and into their own premises. Now, the business becomes a serious venture and an office space adds validity to that business.

A rented office space, however, can seem a little sterile and not very personalised. So, how do you make this space your own and reflective of your brand and values? You want it to be motivational and inspiring – just because it’s a rented office doesn’t mean it has to be dull and soul-destroying!

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Do a little research and find out which colours are considered more productive. Green is linked to creativity and productivity and while red is often thought to signify danger, it is also a great colour to choose for high focus and attention to detail. Blue is considered calming and creative and certain shades of yellow are ideal for decision-making and clear-headedness. Purple signifies high quality and thus makes a good

Watch out for these bathroom trends in 2019

Unless you still have an antiquated bathroom suite from the 1970s in all its avocado glory, you are probably like most UK householders and playing safe with a traditional white suite, perhaps enhanced with some colorful walls and accessories. Among this year’s trends is a revival of colored sanitary ware. If you want to be on trend, take a look at what is going to be hot this year.

Image Credit

Walls and floors

Image Credit

Geo-patterned tiles for walls and flooring are rapidly gaining popularity. These should be teamed with black taps and minimalist artwork in similar colors.
White shimmer tiles have a sophisticated glamour; the pattern can only be seen when the light catches them in a certain direction. Add white marble flooring, and you will be the envy of your neighbors.
Wallpapering one or two walls if you have a larger bathroom is another idea you may not have thought of. This is cheaper than tiling and gives the possibility of introducing patterns and color. How about a sea-themed

A Guide To Major Details In PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile Apk hack and new PUBG cellular cheats engine for Battle factors the employment of a wall hack permits a player to examine enemies,?provide drops, items, automobiles, and other very important recreation issues by way of walls, allowing them to loot extra simply,?see or dodge gamer and usually survive bounty extra prolonged, so getting extra XP, prizes, Bp and plunder containers. In PUBG mobile hack obtain on Android and iOS, players would not have to make any particular gesture because the sport will do it for you mechanically. Download PUBG Mobile Hack through Tutu app: Gamer unknown Battleground or you possibly can say PUBG is changing into famous daily.

When the pictures come raining in, directional audio will present a huge advantage, but the crack of bullets hitting the earth can mislead you into trying the fallacious manner. Attempt to recognize and isolate the gunshot sound only and take cowl from that angle. When you’re being targeted by a silenced weapon, do not forget that bullets usually tend to land behind you, so the shooter might be the other course.Do the jiggle

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is

3 Things You Should Know About Sewer Drain Jetting

Dealing with a clog in your sewer line is an incredible pain but if you know who to call, then you can get the problem taken care of quickly and easily. When you understand the pros of sewer drain jetting, then you are more likely to have a professional perform this service for you and you will reap the benefits.

Image Source: Unsplash

Don’t let a clogged sewer line back up and cause problems in your home or in your business. At the first sign of trouble, you need to call a professional who can come to your location and provide you with high-quality drain jetting. You’ll enjoy a number of benefits with this service but if you don’t already know about drain jetting, then it’s time to learn about how it can help you.

You’ll Save Money

One thing that many people don’t realize when they opt for drain jetting is that they will save money in the future. This is because drain jetting will not only remove the clog that you have in your pipe but also any remaining residue inside the pipe, resulting in

Different Designs Of Interior Doors Toronto: Which One Do You Prefer

Designs Of Interior Doors

There are numerous styles of interior doors in Toronto. Due to ever changing technology which usually comes with more and better ways of doing things, the technology used in manufacturing has been changing. Nowadays we have different interior doors with varying modes of operation and also colour.

Interior doors Toronto are ideal for their privacy and improving the interior appeal of your home. Therefore choosing the best interior door in Toronto not only guarantees your privacy but also improve the curb appeal of your home and makes it more liveable and comfortable for you and your family members. Click here for more information on interior doors.

  1. Latest Interior doors

Interior doors Toronto are usually used in order to achieve privacy preservation, usage of minimum space, maintaining temperature and enhancing the appearance. These doors are manufactured using the latest technology. There are various kinds of interior doors available, some of those are mentioned below.

Pocket doors- Pocket doors are manufactured to safe spaces.

Sliding doors- Sliding doors also never occupy more space and these doors can slide along-side on

How To Renovate Your House Mid Winter

Winter is coming and, with Christmas just around the corner, many people are trying to organise their whole indoor/outdoor spaces. When it comes to planning a new room, improving an old one or simply renovate something that you don’t feel like it’s working anymore, it’s important to have your final idea in mind, especially given the fact that it will significantly impact your overall budget.
Let’s break down a simple plan that everyone can follow in order to successfully create the house of your dreams.

  1. Plan It, In Detail

When it comes to interior design, whether if it’s done professionally or simply by following your DIY thoughts, planning the overall process is extremely important if not vital in order to succeed. Planning is not simply related to the actual execution, but it covers budgets, results and, most importantly, timeframes. Having a detailed plan it’s the core element of every single home design and renovation process, as said above, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

  1. Understand Your Tools and Skills

Many are trying to approach home renovation as a DIY process without having any particular knowledge within the matter. There are, in

Everything to Know About Mould Growth in Vinyl Pro Windows

Pro Windows

Living in a home requires everything to work efficiently- be it doors, windows or even bedrooms and kitchen. Every area and item holds its significance that others couldn’t satisfy. Likewise, they work differently for safety and security. Normally, vinyl pro windows turn out to be the most important and worthy areas in this regard as they work with doors to keep unwanted guests out.

There are even some silent killers in vinyl pro windows that homeowners should pay attention to. Mould or mold is one of those concerns that, if ignored or overlooked, would have immense effects on the health of inhabitants. So, their approach should be to know some symptoms regarding mould exposure:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma
  • Shortness and wheezing of breath
  • Throat, nose and eye irritation
  • Phlegm build-up and coughing

Stachybotrys, also named as black mould or toxic mould, is a kind of mould spore that is found on window surfaces, having low organic food sources and frequent changes in moistures. It’s quite common to see people complaining about mould issues but with vinyl pro windows, they can get rid of all

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