Accents For Your Home

Humans have been using marble in their art and architecture since ancient times—and with good reason. It’s smooth, beautiful, strong and every piece is unique. While most of us are the most familiar with white marble laced with grey, you can find this timeless stone in pinks and greens, blue and black, too.


Prized as a symbol of taste and of tradition, marble in home decor brings to mind a look of classical elegance. That said, marble has gotten a modern makeover as of late. In just about every major home and furniture store you can find touches of marble—from lamps to tables, trays, bowls and more.


Ahead, we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite marble home accents that are sure to add some old world charm to your decor.

Even if you’re just serving cheddar cheese and Triscuits, any appetizer will look purposeful and fancy if you serve it with marble. We love these cheese knives from Pottery Barn that will class up any cocktail party at home.

Whether you use them for display or for serving, these marble bowls will not go unnoticed in your kitchen.

If you’re looking to decorate your home and strike a balance between the masculine and feminine, a console like this will do the trick. The shining metal and slim legs of this piece are elegant, while the marble top adds some real weight.