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    1. Barstools for Every Style

      After your living room sofa, the most used seat in your home is probably…the barstool.

      While barstools are small, they make a big impact on your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.?Making sure you have the right barstools to fit the design of your kitchen is no easy feat. Attention to style, function and design are key to selecting the perfect barstools for your home. See what we have in store:

      With it’s sleek architectural curves, high back and walnut tones,?the?Bremerton 26″ Bar Stool is a slam dunk for mid-century lovers. Take a notes from Studio Mcgeeand fit as many as you can around your kitchen counter.?To add some pizazz, pair your barstools with these beautiful,?abstract dinner plates?from West Elm, for a bar area your guests will never want to leave!

      Just like it’s?name, the?Blu Dot Real Good Stool?can add?real good style to your kitchen. The straight folds in this origami-inspired seat give?it a geometric look that is excellent for a sleek and modern design aesthetic.?Since this all-metal stool can get chilly in the winter, add a layer of coziness by pairing it with these soft?Icelandic sheep cushions!

      A sturdy steel frame and warm wood back make?the?Coatbridge Bar Stool?a strong complement to exposed brick or reclaimed wood. Exposed hardware gives this chair a rustic feel with a chic finish.?Want to make it pop? My favorite tip is to add a runner underneath your barstools which adds dimension and also protects your floors. The burnt orange from this?vintage Safavieh Monaco?rug is a great complement to the stool.