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    1. How to Make a Rented Office Space Your Own

      Many business owners startups and freelancers are finding that renting an office space is a far more economical choice. Working from home has its limitations, so small businesses can find it far more productive to move out of the spare bedroom and into their own premises. Now, the business becomes a serious venture and an office space adds validity to that business.

      A rented office space, however, can seem a little sterile and not very personalised. So, how do you make this space your own and reflective of your brand and values? You want it to be motivational and inspiring – just because it’s a rented office doesn’t mean it has to be dull and soul-destroying!

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      Do a little research and find out which colours are considered more productive. Green is linked to creativity and productivity and while red is often thought to signify danger, it is also a great colour to choose for high focus and attention to detail. Blue is considered calming and creative and certain shades of yellow are ideal for decision-making and clear-headedness. Purple signifies high quality and thus makes a good choice for areas where meetings are held and clients are welcomed.


      Share ideas and brainstorm with other members of staff who will be working in the office. Bringing ideas together can help to create an environment where everyone is comfortable. It helps to boost morale and enables staff to feel valued and listened to. It might only be a bit of décor but it sets the tone for how the business runs.


      Paint isn’t the only way to personalise an office. A desk is a very personal space and can be highly personalised within workable boundaries. It is worth investing in a high-quality desk that meets all your needs, makes you feel at home and of course, a classy chair to celebrate how far your business has come – you deserve it! For a stylish Eames Office Chair, visit a site like https://www.pash-classics.com/office/chairs/


      Don’t forgot that to a rented office space your own, you should consider custom-made signage, banners, wall decals or even window blinds that display your business logo, brand colours or other distinguishing features that makes your business instantly recognisable.

      Find the right space

      An office space says a great deal about a business and those who run it and work for it. Don’t be afraid to add quirky elements and splashes of bright colour if you want the office to feel inspirational and motivational on a cold Monday morning. Should the space be just for yourself, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a space that’s like a little slice of home. Surrounding your workspace with photos, pot plants, your favourite colour and ornaments will make all the difference to how you feel when you’re using the space.